Maple kitchen cabinets are a beautiful choice for homeowners. Whether it’s for lovely custom kitchen cabinets or gorgeous wood flooring, you will delight in the resilient quality of maple wood. With the tight grain and smooth finish, maple wood makes a charming addition to any kitchen décor.

Maple wood, in its original state, is light-colored and ranges from almost white to a creamy golden color. Sometimes there are hints of amber or honey color in maple wood. Whether you choose a natural color or select a stain perfect for you, maple kitchen cabinets will bring light and a unique style to your home.

Features of maple kitchen cabinets include:
  • Straight, even grain
  • Smooth, fine texture
  • Easy to work with using hand or machine tools
  • Odorless

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History of Maple Cabinets

Maple wood comes from the genus of trees called Acer, which is in the Sapindaceae family. With an amazing 128 different species, it’s easy to see why this resilient hardwood is a favorite for kitchen cabinets.

Homeowners have long known the smooth grain of maple kitchen cabinets makes it a lovely addition to a home’s decor. The firmness of the wood gives it sturdy durability, which holds up for many household uses. Maple wood has been used throughout the years as a lovely choice for flooring, desks, furniture, and cabinetry. Whether you use maple in the bathroom or kitchen, it adds a classy touch to the room. The sheen of the silky, smooth wood and tightly woven grain give a sophisticated appearance that is attractive for your cabinetry. It’s easy to see why maple wood has been a perfect choice for kitchen cabinets.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love

Maple wood adorns any house with its earthy look and subtle color tones and there are many colors available that will accentuate your home. Whether you want to go with a neutral kitchen or add a splash of color, maple kitchen cabinets are a fantastic option. The grain can be straight, but sometimes you’ll find wavy lines in the wood, which can add some creative flair to your cabinetry. It’s especially attractive when a heartwood deposit is present in the maple cabinets, which brings out the character of this elegant wood choice.