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The second-hardest wood, Hickory is the go-to for many commercial and residential projects. Custom hickory cabinets are crafted out of the toughest and heaviest of American hardwoods. Its high availability coupled with its lifelong durability make this wood a favorite for all sorts of woodwork projects, including tool handles, furniture, cabinetry and even sporting goods like golf clubs.

The main draw of using Hickory wood is its sheer strength, combined with its incredible flexibility. These seemingly opposite properties were so popular that they were used to construct the wheels and spokes for carriages and early automobiles. Their strength and weight made hickory the perfect wood for these purposes. It's also frequently used for ladder rungs, dowels and even gymnasium equipment.

Features of hickory custom cabinets include:
  • Hickory is one of the strongest woods to work with, with the ability to endure shearing, straining, and stress
  • Shock-resistant, with great steam-bending properties
  • Hickory can be sanded to a good finish
  • Has an inherent dryness so the ends of the wood must be sealed to avoid splitting
  • Is exceptionally heavy, hard, and strong, but incredibly flexible
  • Hickory has a coarse and straight grain

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What can Hickory wood be used for?

Imposing and heavy, Hickory is the perfect wood for custom cabinetry and furniture that will live on well through the years, aging beautifully and giving off an antique look. Generally straight-grained and coarse-textured, the color of air-dried Hickory varies from tan to a brownish-red color, which deepens as it ages. This makes it perfect for heirloom pieces. While quite hearty, it’s a rather dry wood that will readily accept stains and adhesives, making it a favorite for hardwood flooring with an elegant stained finish, heavy custom cabinets, and even beautiful built-ins like bookcases and hutches.

Besides furniture like desks or armoires, you’ll find that several rocking chairs are crafted with Hickory. Why? Because this wood is utterly unparalleled in its ability to hold and withstand weight and shock. What’s more, Hickory adapts perfectly to the curvature of rocking-chair legs and can be used in various designs.

Benefits of Hickory for your home

Homeowners love choosing Hickory for their homes because Hickory cabinets, furniture, and floors can be stained to their preferences. This wood can easily be introduced without taking away from the aesthetics of the home. Woodworkers love handling Hickory because of the opportunity to craft long-lasting pieces that speak of craftsmanship, tradition, and elegant design. Over time, Hickory wood becomes even more burnished without losing any of its strength and stiffness, which means that it can be used in furniture pieces handed down from generation to generation.

In residential projects, for the interiors of homes, Hickory is a favorite for hardwood flooring, furniture, and cabinetry. Both the pale-cream colors as well as darker, reddish-brown colors take on an attractive, rustic look that withstands the test of time. This is one reason Hickory cabinets have always been a popular choice for home renovation projects. Hickory’s strength and moisture-resistance also makes it the perfect wood for projects involving ‘damp’ areas like kitchens or laundry rooms, as well as high-traffic areas like furniture in children’s bedrooms.