White Done Right

Trends come and go. Kitchen design trends are no different.  Gray’s are all the rage these days while white washed maple screams 1990… and just lately we’re seeing a strong navy theme trending.  But, through all of this, there’s always a constant:  The Timeless White Kitchen.  Some years it gains momentum, other years it wanes, but it’s always got an appeal and rarely looks dated.  Maybe it’s the pureness, maybe the versatility.  But, even with simple white, you should stick to a few basics that maintain the classic look and timelessness.


Here are a few tips on Doing White Right:

  • White isn’t “a” color; it’s a million different shades.  First, you need to determine if you’re using “Warm Whites” or “Cool Whites.”  Warm Whites have green and yellow undertones.  Cool Whites have blue and grey undertones.  Need help visualizing?  Think of the difference between incandescent and LED light bulbs.  Warm whites work well with browns and wood tones, cool whites are best in industrial or modern looks paired with grey paints and washed out wood finishes or dark stains.
  • Bring in a trendy color with paint – like an accent wall. That’s a heck of a lot easier to change than tile or a bright backsplash.  Or, with accessories – bright towels, dishes and pots can really pop against a white backdrop.
  • If you want to make a statement piece, do it on the island.  Butcher block tops, distressed wood cabinetry, bold navy paint… all can make a huge impact in a white kitchen, while still leaving the majority of the kitchen white.   Again, it’s easier to replace an island than the whole kitchen.
  • Don’t be afraid of white on white.  White cabinets, white tile, white backsplash?  That’s okay!  It can create a peaceful and serene atmosphere for you to build upon but doesn’t lock you in with a specific color. Play around with textures! Subway tiles with Carrera marble counters and smooth white cabinets are HOT right now – and all white! Adding a hardwood floor will warm it up and keep it from looking sterile while maintaining neutral color.
  • Don’t skimp on your cabinetry and materials.  Ensure that your white painted cabinetry is made with quality materials that can stand the test of time.  Nobody wants chipped edges, wearing around the knobs and yellowing paint in 5 years

When you do white right – kitchens can be just as captivating and brilliant as their colorful counterparts; all while looking modern and up to date for years to come.