Walnut kitchen cabinets are durable and have a deep, rich appearance. Walnut is one of the most popular woods used for custom kitchen cabinets, and suits country-style décor as well as modern, elegant styles. The wood is sturdy and is prized for its wavy appearance with lines and knots.

Those who want to have custom cabinets made for their kitchen often opt for walnut because of the wood’s reputation for long life and strength. At the same time, it is lightweight and easier to cut than many other types of wood. Walnut cabinets have a dark, rich look and that doesn’t require staining.

Some features of custom walnut kitchen cabinets include:
  • Plywood panels to prevent buckling
  • Custom woodworking designed specifically for you
  • ¾ inch hardwood veneer core panels
  • European concealed hinges
  • High-quality walnut

The beauty of walnut lies in the fact that every woodwork creation looks unique, given the qualities the wood has. The wood’s appearance is characterized by bold lines and knots in combinations that translate into a one-of-a-kind style for every wood product. The wood is at home in rustic and sophisticated designs and it takes finishes well. The lines of the wood tend to be straight when it is taken from the center of the trunk and wave towards the roots. The shade ranges from light brown to dark chocolate.

Many types of custom cabinetry combine the advantages of plywood and hardwood. Plywood is made of layers of wood sealed with an adhesive with a hardwood exterior. Some woodworkers make cabinets entirely from hardwood, but there are benefits to using a plywood to form the interior. With the combination of plywood and hardwood, the core glues effectively and can take screws. Plywood panels with a hardwood exterior are resistant to expansion and contraction that happens often to solid wood panels. Plywood creates a durable interior to the cabinet and can extend its life. Combination panels are less likely to buckle and warp, are long-lasting and stand up to changes in temperature.

Custom-made walnut kitchen cabinets are created specifically for your kitchen. Walnut gives a classic, dark warmth to your home and is a wood that lasts. Every grain pattern has a unique appearance, and if you have walnut cabinets, you know that no one else in the world has exactly the same pattern of lines, loops, knots and curves. Custom cabinetry has a quality advantage and allows you to choose a design that is created for your space.