Why You Should Think About Black Cabinetry

Image Credit: Zieba Builders, Long Beach CA
Sleek and Sophisticated – Why You Should Consider Black Cabinetry in Your Kitchen!

Black kitchen cabinets are seeing a meteoric rise in 2020. For those looking for a more sophisticated space that’s both functional and beautiful, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and head on over to the dark side!

The last decade has been dominated by stark, bright white painted kitchens. But, there’s a difference between LOVING a white kitchen and OWNING a white kitchen (especially if you have kids, both the 2 and 4-legged kind!) With white comes the wear and tear, constant upkeep and practically impossible touch-ups. Cue the rebellious black kitchen; ultra-durable, low maintenance, and oh-so-chic!

Pair a black stained shaker cabinet with white counters and gold hardware and you’ve got a transitional masterpiece! The white surfaces will balance the dark cabinetry creating an airy space that’s anything but dreary.

The new matte black cabinet materials that utilize Nano-technology, are quite literally, the most durable product you can put in your kitchen. Pairing the matte black finish with a slab door is sizzling hot right now, and rather than looking utilitarian, the matte black is sleek, sophisticated, and… dare we say, sexy?

Onyx, licorice, obsidian: black is all-encompassing and one of the most versatile (i.e. Neutral!) colors you can use when designing your kitchen. Modern, Modern-Farmhouse, Craftsman, Traditional and Transitional styles all have a cozy partnership with black.

Whether you’re looking to make a powerful statement or simply an alternative to white paint – don’t be intimidated by black cabinetry. It’s a timeless choice that won’t look dated, regardless of current trends, and will be able to withstand a bustling home filled with friends and family.