Engineered door products emulate exotic woods from distant forests, but without the dramatic impact associated with rainforest de-forestation. Fast growing, sustainably harvested trees are shaved into thin sheets, dyed in contrasting colors, stacked into varying layers, compressed and then bonded together and cut into veneers. The results are dramatic in look but easy on the environment.


Western Red Alder is a hardwood indigenous to the Northwest. The characteristics vary as with all hardwoods. Alder inclines generally to a finer, straighter grain and a mostly uniform texture, providing a luxurious look for most stains. The color of Alder is light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge creating color variations in the finished product.


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable products available: it takes less energy to grow and renews itself readily. Unlike hardwood trees, which, once cut, do not regenerate themselves, bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource, each plant can be harvested repeatedly. Bamboo is avalible in Horizons Collection only.


Known for its beauty and high quality, Cherry is from the Northern Appalachians. The color will range from red to brown tones, pale yellow and white. Cherry may contain pin knots, mineral streaks and gum pockets among other natural characteristics. The hardwood darkens as it ages, giving it an elegant patina.


Grown primarily in the Appalachian region of Pennsylvania, DeWils selects its hickory from the finest northern woods. The wild variation in grain and color is Hickory's real appeal.

Knotty Alder

For the rustic mountain-cabin look, DeWils offers selected door styles in Knotty Alder. Selected for its rough appearance, it has both tight and loose knots, pitch pockets, dark patches and other blemishes to create that special look. The Alder is light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge, creating color variations. Knotty Alder is not avalible in the Expressions Collection.


A beautiful wood from the Ivory Coast region of Africa. The quarter sawn cut we chose presents a ribbon effect and straight grain that takes well to stains. This wood color is from a dull light brown to a dark reddish brown with some shades of pinkish brown. Mahogany is avalible in Horizons Collection only.


DeWils offering in Eastern Maple provides a series of door styles with the quality of fine furniture without the high price. Glacial Superior Hard Maple (white) is chosen to ensure the finest material and most consistent color possible. Maple is known both for its beauty and durability.

Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Quarter-sawn, white oak features varying colors of white or light grey, as well as some medium darker grey and brown. Fleck is also common, resulting in a reflecting effect.

Red Oak

DeWils offers the best possible grade of Red Oak, known for consistent color and low incidence of defects. It offers a pleasing grain pattern and color selection. Part of Oak's beauty is the grain and color variations caused by different growing conditions.


Eastern Black Walnut is highly prized for its dark colored true heartwood. The characteristics vary as with all hardwoods but the contrasting color in Walnut from dark rich brown to a creamy brown is what gives this species its unique look. This wood takes stains well but is possibly most striking when finished with a clear finish allowing the natural beauty of the wood to be the hero.