Make Your Cabinets Glow

A Glazed finish accentuates and deepens the profile of the cabinet, giving it more character and a sense of maturity. All our glazing is done individually, piece-by-piece, by hand. No pens or tools are used, just a good old rag in the hands of a trained artisan, assuring that each door will be unique from the last. It's not the fastest way, but it's certainly the most beautiful.

  • Black Glaze
  • Black Glaze on Paint
  • Brown Glaze
  • Brown Glaze on Paint
  • Green Glaze
  • White Glaze
Black Glaze

Black Glaze shown on Sandstone stain.

Black Glaze on Paint

Black Glaze shown on Juarez Flower.

Brown Glaze

Brown Glaze shown on Frost stain.

Brown Glaze on Paint
Green Glaze

Green Glaze shown on Butternut stain.

White Glaze

White Glaze shown on Nutmeg stain.