Cabinetry Construction Options


Frameless or European cabinets are built without a face frame which give them a more modern look when they are open. Any quality manufacturer like DeWils will offer the same strength in a frameless as a framed cabinet so it really comes down to look.


Inset cabinets have a defined furniture look. While framed and frameless cabinet doors and drawers sit on the face of the cabinet, inset drawers and doors slide into the box giving a flush furniture esthetic.


Framed cabinets have a face frame that surrounds the front of the cabinet giving it a substantial look and feel when the doors or drawers are open.

Door Style 101


The Expressions Collection offers traditional furniture style cabinetry. With inset doors that close flush within a cabinet frame. The result is a classic look that speaks to a love for the richness and style of a fine piece of hand-crafted furniture.

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The Horizons Collection features the crisp and clean look of simple, smooth, unbroken surfaces. Cabinets and drawers fit almost flush creating a contemporary, European design particularly when paired with modern touches like stainless steel or glass.

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Despite what many may claim, the kitchen continues to be the focal point of the home. It’s the area where your family congregates together the most, where guests’ attention is immediately drawn, and a majority of the major household functions originate.

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craftsman cabinets

The Designer Collection drawers from the strength and beauty of the American Craftsman style. The clean, solid wood face-frame cabinet provides just enough reveal to emphasize the stately lines of this timeless look.

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Find your Signature Style

No one knows you like you do . . . what makes you tick, what makes you happy, where you feel completely yourself. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your own unique essence. Whether your tastes run toward the stately warmth of traditional design, the cool sleekness of a more minimalist look, or something else entirely . . . DeWils Fine Cabinetry and our signature collections can help you express yourself oh-so-perfectly.

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Wood & Surface Options

Natural Woods

DeWils is nestled in the heart of the rich forests of the Pacific Northwest, so our affinity for wood with exceptional character, strength and beauty is just a part of our heritage. We select, mill, sand and build every component possible of your cabinetry. Only then can we deliver a product that we feel confident putting the DeWils name on.

Fenix Matte Collection

The Fenix® Collection offers an innovative and stylish matte finish, featuring nanotechnology for extreme durability , soft touch, anti finger prints and thermal healing of small scratches. Go ahead life, let’s do this.

Lux High Gloss Collection

The Luxe High Gloss Collection is created with state- of-the-art coating technologies, combined with the latest generation of materials.This innovative and stylish high-gloss polyester finish features 22 amazing solid and textural colors. This wide variety ensures a perfect look will be found for any modern kitchen design. Ultra High gloss, stain resistant impact and scratch resistant makes these choices state of the art in cabinet selections.

Metro Textured Laminate

A perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in a material both sophisticated and organic.
This versatile material with its stain and fade resistance provides the look and feel of weathered wood with a new level of durability. You now have the ability to create contemporary projects featuring today’s hottest colors that consumers have been asking for!

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